Wednesday, May 6, 2009

cookbook review

My awesome sister in law, Danni, purchased this book for me when they were in town. My husband has a hard time eating his vegetables, so I thought it'd be helpful in forcing a few more nutrients in him. The premise of the book, is to incorporate vegetable purees into every day dishes to make them healthier. I've tried a few different recipes in it, and I thought I'd give my reviews.

I made the salsa dip and took it to a Cinco Di Mayo party yesterday. This recipe calls for 1/4 c of pureed carrots. Everyone at the party loved this! The ladies all asked for my recipe. I told them that I put the carrots in it, and they were impressed. They all said they didn't taste it at all. Steve even finished the dip off this afternoon.

A few weeks ago I made carrot cake muffins. (carrots and cauliflower puree) I was pretty disappointed in these. Mostly I was disappointed because I was expecting them to be more like cupcakes, but they were really more like muffins. I think maybe having them for breakfast, instead of dessert would have been good. I was lead astray though, because the muffins were in the dessert section, and not the breakfast section.

Tonight I made up some chocolate pudding, which has a cup of avacado puree. It wasnt gross... but it wasnt amazing. It was a very dark chocolate pudding, and it had a really thick consistancy. I wanted to add more sugar with every bite. It was pretty good though. My biggest complaint is that it had a pretty strong after taste of avacado. I think that would be toned down if it cooled a bit more.

So, all in all, I think that the main dish recipes are good, I have a bunch more I want to try still. However, the desesrts leave a bit more to be desired. Maybe as I become more skilled at cooking I can tweak them for my preference.

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Mike and Judy said...

Thanks for your review. I was wondering how Steve took to your innovative approach to sneaking veggies into the meals?