Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breakfast Frittata

Anyone seen the movie Morning Glory. Harrison Ford's character has a big part in it about Frittatas. He goes on and on about how you can use anything in your refrigerator. He's right. Look what I did.

Left over dinner Fajita mixins:
Meat, diced
Potato, grated and washed

We had fajita's for dinner. Onions, peppers, steak, and chicken. Obviously you see we had leftovers. In the morning I took out the random bits of meat and veggies and sauteed them up with a potato that I grated and washed. Right there you could have some awesome hash browns. We on the other hand added Eggs beaten with a splash of milk. Pour it on top and let the eggs set a bit. The top will still have some raw egg so throw on some grated cheese and put it in your broiler until it's all cooked up. Enjoy with Salsa or Ketchup! Yum!

You could do this with anything. I know mom sure hates onions and peppers. Add in some spinach, or tomatoes. Maybe your husband is a bacon lover. Or the kids only like Ham and cheese.
Whatever makes your omelet happy in the morning will make a tastey frittata.

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