Friday, October 24, 2008

Fast Amazing Pickle Dip

If you read Moms post on her blog, she mentioned our conversation that sparked the idea of this blog so I wanted to share our favorite dip recipe with everyone.
So we have all eaten the pickle dip mom picks up from the store. Well its not available in Reno so Mandy makes this amazing dip that I know Dad will love.

1/2 block of fat free cream cheese (use more cream cheese to make more dip)
Dill pickle juice
Chopped up dill pickles
(you can play with seasonings Garlic salt, onion powder etc.) I like it plain.

So soften the cream cheese in the microwave for a couple seconds, then pour in some pickle juice the more you pour the more it tastes like pickles and the thiner it gets, no exact measurement. Then throw in the chopped up pickles grab a bag of Ruffles, and BAM!! the best pickle dip ever and super fast.

-Adam/Mandy Fluke


Katrina said...

i wish steve liked pickles. i may just make this anyway.

Mike and Judy said...

We made this dip and it was very well received. I think we've definitely got a keeper!