Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pineapple Salsa Chicken

If you like fruit salsas you'll love this dinner from Mel's Kitchen Cafe. 

4-6 chicken breasts
1 can black beans, drained rinsed
1 can white beans, drained rinsed
1 20 oz can crushed pineapple
1 cup Salsa

Put all ingredients in your crock pot. Cook on low for 6 hours. Shred chicken. Serve on tortillas with your favorite toppings. Sour cream, cheese, cilantro etc. serves 8

I cut this recipe in half. It still made a lot. I only had an 8 oz can of pineapple chunks. I drained it and threw it in the food processor for a quick buzz to make it crushed. 
Trav loves spicy food so I used half medium and half mild salsa. Turned out the perfect heat and sweet mix. 
I saved the other half cans of beans to make burritos and quesadillas for lunch tomorrow. Yum!! 

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